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Benjamin Moeckel, Ph.D.

University of Cologne
Historical Institute
50923 Köln


I am a historian of 20th Germany and Europe with a special focus on transnational and global entanglements. My research is based on approaches from social and cultural history with a particular interest in the intersections of politics, economy, and everyday life.

I’ve written my dissertation on the war memories of children and young people in East and West Germany after 1945 and how they perceived themselves as a youth generation. The work makes extensive use of diaries and other self-testimonies to reconstruct individual notions of remembrance and forgetting. The work was published as "Erfahrungsbruch und Generationsbehauptung. Die Kriegsjugendgeneration in den beiden deutschen Nachkriegsgesellschaften“ in 2014.

In my habilitation project, I examine the emergence of "ethical" consumer practices and political boycott campaigns in Germany and Great Britain since the late 1950s. This second-book project ist titled "The Invention of the Moral Consumer: Global Products and Civil Society in Britain and Germany since the 1950s".


My research mainly focuses on three main areas:

A social and cultural history of the economy, particularly concerning the social and moral discourses about consumption, trade, and production.

The history of individual experiences and biographies, especially concerning the individual memories of war and violence.

The history of human rights and humanitarianism, especially concerning their representation in media and popular culture.